Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire

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Build your own empire and conquer your rivals

Goodgame Empire is a strategy and management game in which you can create your own enclosure at the middle age where you can build many different buildings and employ hundreds of soldiers. Target: Protect your people from outside attacks and win your enemies.


Goodgame Empire, there will be many different buildings in your disposal which will have to build in your borders to help expand your empire. You can extend your borders to larger storage and to accommodate the largest and most important building, allowing you to collect more resources or hire more troops.


Although it is very important to protect your empire from enemy attacks, Goodgame Empire will introduce more about your own attack against players of other people. To do this, you can combine yourself or yourself with other players.


In these empires, these attacks will take place on the world map, where you can see the fort of other players and start a military operation against the Ai-controlled fortresses. Goodgame Empire is a social strategy game that works hundreds of different events and many exciting situations that will help you with your troops to overcome you.

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