Create your own empire in this online game of strategy

During the ancient Greek period, you were given a mandate to rule a small town at a particular time in history. Your mission will be to build the entire empire through a progress by acquiring the army, carrying resources, progress building, scientific investigation and diplomacy.


It's the start of the series, a multi-player online game strategy where your management skills will be modern if your Polis transform into an empire.


In order to guide you in the right direction, you are a governor, a military adviser, a scientific adviser and a diplomatic advisor under your command who will provide knowledge to manage your authority.


To increase your power, you need to build all kinds of structures and create the necessary resources to create scientific wonders. In the game, take the shape of wood, win, marble, glass and sulfur. It is found and scattered throughout the land in the hope of being used.


Among these resources, you can create schools, barracks, sailing ports, depots, carpets, and other buildings, which allow you to increase your resources and arms weapons in their part.


But you are not alone in this world. Many other players around the world will play at the same time, everyone will try to make their Polish an empire. Inevitable shocks will come, so hopefully many days in the fight where you will have to use all your efforts and preparations if you have to defend and occupy their city.


If you show that you are the best leader, you do not hesitate; Log in to Ikariam and participate in one of the most entertaining online games of the current era.

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License Version Developer
Free 0.3.2 Gameforge
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