Amazing Efecto de sonido

Amazing Efecto de sonido

Jacky Swift

Do you want to have a complete theater of words in your pocket? Yes Well then do not delay downloading 'Amazing Efecto de Sonido', a free application that will fill your iOS device with a huge amount of fun words


The words will be available only by pressing the appropriate buttons on the screen. These words will be displayed on the screen: fertas, leaked phone, laser guns, fire alarms, machine guns, shyness, whip, cow moss, morse code, christmas music ... In addition, they will play immediately, with no delays of any kind.


Each word represents each icon in an image which is perfectly marked on it, so it will be difficult to make a mistake when you select one.


'Amazing Efecto de Sonido' may make fun of those apps which are a bit scary, really if they are used properly in a distended environment ... or even office. Stop shooting them with your iPhone!

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License Version Developer
Free 3.4 Jacky Swift
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