Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Player

8.0.1 for iPhone

The Amazon Cloud Player is a tool that you can use to buy your music music from Amazon, which means that you cannot download any music on your computer. Instead, you can play everything through Amazon's cloud service, that's what you like if you cannot download it.


To stream your music, of course, you must be connected to the Internet via WiFi or 3G. If you decide to download your songs to your device, then you will not need an internet connection that you will hear them later. May be quite useful for anyone who does not have a reliable 3G connection.


The app also allows you to keep the music running in the background, and gives you the power to control it from the lock screen on your device, which comes really real to you, when you want to do another thing while listening to your music.


Amazon Cloud Player is an essential application that wants to use a mobile device to enjoy service on their Amazon account.

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License Version Developer
Free 8.0.1 for iPhone AMZN Mobile LLC
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