2.3.5 for iPhone

AutoRap is an application that allows you to convert into a transformed wrap that makes you sound like your words, just like you're singing in Rap Beeth Rhythm.


You will have possibilities when your speech is "rapifying": You can make it in a freestyle mode, create a unique and exclusive sound, or you can use to beat from some of the most popular songs by Snoop Doug, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Outkast, or Doli


To record your songs all you have to do is start recording your voice and press the record button to talk in your phone's mic (it's important that you speak loud and clear, but a normal voice). Once you do it, the app will take just a few steps to process your voice and produce the finished song.


AutoRap is a very exciting application, thanks to which you can create high quality songs that will affect your friends and make them laugh. Did you always want to be a rap star? Well now you can.

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