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Edit your pictures to make them a lot more fun and share them

Instagram is one of the most popular apps in App Store and there are many good reasons it has installed in your iPhone.


The application is officially described as a beautiful and quick way to share your life with photos. Indeed, the main attraction of Instagram is that it is a simple social network based on it.


Your social network is important to share your photos and see the photos uploaded by your friends, but when we tell you it can be associated with your Facebook account and your photo will be published in your photo.


Before uploading your photos you can apply their beautiful look to give them a nice look.


If you do not use this app before, we recommend you use it. It's one of the best ways to share your photos using an iPhone or an iPad.

The Instagram upgrade looks more like Snapchat directly than before and earlier

Instagram Snapchat still works well before it is frozen and its latest updates integrate interpersonal communication via Instagram Direct. The new version of the application now integrates invisible posts with personalized conversations in your inbox - which are really popular in Snapchat and are now fully incorporated into Facebook-owned photo applications. Invisible chat based on small videos and images is now a reality on Instagram.

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Get new things for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all April

We started our new month with some new features in the world's most popular social networks. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all received various updates to their sites and Android apps, in some cases, how to make a drastic change on how we will communicate

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Instagram now launches out Snapchat-esque geostickers

Inspiration is an almost-magic thing which can come from 1,001 different sources. Or, well, not everyone, apparently recently think Instagram gets most of her idea from the same place. Geostickers Instagram came out, another great addition that came first - you guess it! - Snapchat

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