8.5.3 for iPhone
All the music from Spotify in your pocket

Spotify for iPhone is a great application to transfer all music from this essential desktop program to your personal mobile device.


With this small application, you can listen to thousands of music albums, select your favorite songs, and create custom playlists in addition to Internet connection.


The best thing about Spotify is that it gives access to your favorite songs anytime, anywhere. You can even start a radio based on your songs and discover new artists about your taste.


Spotify for iPhone should have a must for those who use a popular online streaming service.

Now with precision now than the new navigation bar

When I leave home, one of my standard routines is to keep my bike helmet, grab my smartphone and drag the SPECIFIC Icon. So I was surprised when I opened it today to see a new interface. Speedy is not specifically designed for Android UI design: it's OK but it's a bit annoying. But we do not have to worry more about it that it's just under a big Fitzitt: now there's a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

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Facebook Messenger now lets you send spoofic songs

Next we are going to complain about these applications being too heavy. Facebook Messenger has got its kinetic to separate itself from internal plugins to extend its features from WhatsApp. The latest update for iOS and Android official clients has added the most interesting one to this array: Now you can embed featured songs in your Facebook chats.

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Find the most popular songs in your country at Spotify

The Spritiks has done a great job in recent years, which is able to recommend music to music based on your listening preferences. Recently, it has launched an interesting web tool that allows you to browse worldwide maps so that you can listen to the most readable songs in each city. You can also create a customized list with those songs and add them to your playlists.


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


If you don't have a Premium account, there are some limitations depending on whether you're using a phone or a tablet, though they're not much different from the PC version.

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